Things You Need To Consider Before Getting Your Birdie A DNA Test

DNA Test

Not everyone has furry friends or the ones who can just swim in the water. Some aim high and want to soar up in the sky. In case you are among the population who has feather-head buddies, then this blog is definitely for you!

Why Do You Need Avian DNA Testing?

The zoos and private aviculturists faced a lot of difficulty in identifying the gender of the birds. Avian DNA testing turned out to be the panacea for all these problems. You can easily determine the gender of your birds with their feathers, eggshells, or even blood. Isn’t it ’emu-sing?’

The bird DNA testing kit has made this whole process more versatile. Moreover, the bird DNA testing price is affordable even though it varies based on the type of test you want. You just have to type ‘bird DNA testing lab near me’ and select the one with the best reviews. Nowadays, you can even determine the sex of your bird at home with the avian DNA testing kit.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you need to consider before taking up the decision for avian DNA testing.

What Are The Pro-Tips To Make The Bird DNA Test Easy For Your Little Chirpy Friend?

  1.  Handle your pets very gently and carefully. In case you have canaries, finches, and small birds of the same sort, you might want to be extra careful as these species can easily get stressed. If you deal with them roughly, it can be fatal and lead to death out of fear and exhaustion. Dealing with the birds with less use of hands will even be better for the bird’s health.
  •  Did you know how age and puberty play a great role in the development of the plumage sex and avian color characteristics? Certain groups of birds are incapable of DNA sexing in their juvenile period. For example, you have to wait for the cere color on the beak of the budgerigars before you imply using a bird DNA testing kit, as the color change is the sign of them maturing.
  •  Wear protective gear like eye shields, gloves, surgical masks when attending the DNA sexing. Dirty respiratory and fecal-borne organisms are spread by all birds. Exposure to these certain bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc can be harmful to a certain extent for humans when they come in contact. To avoid such mishaps, you need to be on the safer side.
  • In case you opt for the feather plucking process for the avian DNA sexing, you need to understand that it is quite painful for the birds. It turns out to be stressful if you need a large number of feathers as it can create chaos and also be dangerous for the bird that you are dealing with. One can choose a safe environment indoors and under the influence of some gaseous anesthesia, the procedure can be carried out quickly.
  • For the parrot DNA test, or creatures falling under the same trait, it has to be dealt with efficiently. These kinds of birds are extremely tricky and savage. If mishandled, one might end up with bites, and scratches. You can use a towel to loosely wrap their upper part to avoid any mess, and carry on the sexing. Be aware of the birds who might use their feet for defense. Birds like raptors, magpies, etc are difficult to keep in control. 

Wrapping It Up

Dealing with such delicate species for such an important process can be challenging. The key is to stay focused and also make your chirpy friends comfortable. Remember, nervous birds can always bite back!

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