How to Take care of your pet bird in summer

Have you ever wondered how birds cope up during hot summer months? What are the common issues faced by birds in summer? How to take care of birds during summer? Are these questions popping up on your mind? If yes, you have landed at the right place. With scorching sun outside, the weather gets hotter day by day and it’s necessary to take proper care of your birds to keep them cool during the summer. To make your work easier, the Redbelly team is here with a few tips that will help you to take care of your pet birds in summer and make your bird’s summer enjoyable.

  • Place your bird’s cage in a cool place – Make sure that your direct sunlight doesn’t fall on the bird’s cage, instead keep it in a shady and cool area. The winter sun on the front patio might be delightful, but in the summer, the same kind of heat can be very dangerous for a bird. Think of shifting their cage into a place where they will be more comfortable in the summer.
  • Cool your bird with a misting spray – A light mist spray will keep your bird cool during the hot weather. Misting helps the bird maintain its core temperature which further prevents dehydration and overheating. Using a spray bottle mist your bird until its skin is wet. Make sure to repeat the process throughout the day. You can also hook up an automated mister that will spray a fine mist at regular intervals throughout the day to help your bird cool off while you’re not home. Make sure that the water you use for misting is clean and potable. Do not use misting spray during the feeding time of your pet birdie.
  • Provide an ample amount of freshwater daily – It’s important to ensure that your bird has enough amount of fresh potable water to drink. And the water you provide should be fresh and replaced daily. Food particles and other debris in the water can cultivate bacteria and other germs in the water dish making your bird sick. So, make sure to change the water daily and provide an ample amount of freshwater to your birdie.
  • Check for the signs of overheating – Overheating can cause severe health issues in a bird and sometimes might put its life at risk too. Look for the signs of overheating in your bird. If your birdie is breathing through its mouth or panting, holding its wings away from the body, or behaving in a lethargic manner, these could be a sign that your bird is overheated. If any of these symptoms are found in your birdie, head to an avian veterinary diagnostics center near you without a further delay.
  • Ensure to feed a healthy and balanced diet – A good and balanced diet plays a vital role in the overall health and well-being of your bird. Along with seed mix, include a good amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in your birdie’s diet. Clean the cage regularly – A clumsy cage can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and other microbes, which in turn affect the bird’s health. Make sure to clean your birdie’s cage regularly. Get rid of excess food, debris, food cups, and dry waste from the cage and wipe the cage and the bars with a wet cloth. Allow the cage to dry completely before you put your bird back in its cage. Meanwhile, you can spend time with your birdie outdoors, but make sure that your bird is not exposed to harsh sunlight for longer than an hour. And once done, make sure to spray mist on your bird to avoid dehydration and overheating. But do not spray immediately after you come out of sunlight, give rest of 30 minutes prior to spray misting with water.
  • Provide a bath – Birds love to frolic in cool water to help them regulate their body temperature. Place a shallow dish filled with just a couple of centimeters of cold water into your bird’s cage for it to bathe in. You can also consider buying a birdbath that can be attached to the cage. Ensure to keep the water clean by changing it regularly.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to take care of your pet bird in the summer. With this information, we know that you can keep your bird safe and healthy all summer long! If you have any specific questions about your pet bird, or if you want to let us know what you thought of the blog, please feel free to comment below. For any other questions or bird health services, please contact us at the details provided on our website. At Redbelly bird veterinary diagnostics, we offer bird DNA testing, bird health diagnosis and treatment, and PBFD tests for birds. Our team of experienced professionals handles your birdie with care and compassion and provides the best service possible. You can book an appointment online or call us at the number mentioned on the website. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading!

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