Top 5 reasons to check with an Avian Vet

Birds are beautiful pets and they can prove to be a wonderful addition to your home. They can be a source of entertainment and a conversation starter but only if they are happy and healthy. If they are not in good health then they can be quite a challenge to maintain. That is why you need to take good care of them. As a pet bird owner taking your bird to an avian veterinarian is as important as providing comfortable shelter and a healthy and balanced diet. This blog will look at some of the reasons why you should check with an avian veterinarian on regular basis and how it contributes to the overall health and well-being of your pet bird.

  • Initial examination

After you have adopted a bird, it’s important to consult an avian vet near you. The avian vet will do a thorough checkup of your bird, noting its weight, age, and where your bird was obtained. He will do a complete physical evaluation, checking out points such as the eyes, ears, beaks, wings, feathers, plumage, and spine. The heart and lungs of the bird are also inspected with a stethoscope and it’s recommended that you have this initial examination within the first month of getting your bird. If the gender of the bird is not known, the vet will conduct a bird DNA test just with non-invasive feather samples and determine the same. The vet will also take down previous health problems if known and discuss the care and husbandry for the particular species and how to prevent illness and unnecessary emergency visits.

  • Basic care

Every bird has different needs and an avian vet will guide you on how to properly take care of your bird. It includes information about basic requirements such as housing, feeding, handling and care, and grooming. As a pet bird parent, it is important to have the appropriate cage for your bird, in addition to accessories like feeders, water bowls, toys, and accessories. The vet will help you choose the right cage for your bird and will also provide detailed insights about the best foods for your bird. Avian veterinarians hold good expertise in bird welfare and their guidance significantly makes all the difference in your bird’s quality of life.

  • Diagnosing illness at an early stage

Birds are like humans, they can suffer a wide range of illnesses. Unfortunately, their symptoms are often easy to miss, especially if they are not showing signs of distress. An Avian vet can spot problems earlier without allowing them to progress into something worse. Avian veterinarians are trained in the often subtle signs of illness or injury in birds and can recommend diagnostic tests if required. The veterinarian will conduct a physical exam that might include initial screening for parasites, viruses, or bacteria, and blood tests to monitor their organs. This will help the vet to diagnose illness in the bird and provide the best possible treatment. In addition, the avian vet can be more sensitive to a bird’s physical condition because they have been around birds all of their lives.

  • Behavioral issues

Avian veterinarians can guide you about normal and abnormal bird behaviors, and suggest behavioral modification techniques to help your bird if behavioral issues are present. They assist you to understand what to do if your bird is screaming, biting, or plucking its feathers. Sometimes normal bird behaviors are misconstrued, and the right guidance can help you better understand your feather friend, building a better relationship between you both. Often, a fix can be as easy as an environmental adjustment. For instance, if your bird is displaying territorial aggression, moving its cage from a high traffic area could partially solve the issue.

  • Nutritional guidance

A pet bird should be taken to an avian vet in need of nutrition guidance. The reason is that the nutritional needs of birds are not just different from humans but also among various species. For example, the quantity of proteins in the diet of a Cockatiel is significantly higher than that of a Cockatoo. A wrong diet can lead to health issues such as malnutrition, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, and others and in turn, can cause death when not treated at the right time. The vet will guide you about the dietary requirements of your bird and ensure that your bird is getting proper nutrition.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the top 5 reasons to check with an avian vet. We know that your bird’s health is your number one priority, and if you ever have any questions about your bird’s health, please feel free to comment below. If you are a resident of Chennai looking for an avian vet near you, we are here for you. We at Redbelly avian diagnostic center take care of all your pet bird’s needs and are here to accompany you throughout the journey of being a pet parent. Our services include bird DNA sexing, PBFD tests, dietary guidance, PCR-based screening, and more. Visit the site to know more about our services or to book an appointment with us. You can also call us or email us at the details mentioned on the website. We would love to get in touch with you and your feather friend. Thank you!

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